26 May 2016

Series of 17 photographs

The ‘new’ homeless in the US, car sleepers and tent cities.

As many Americans lose their homes in the growing mortgage crisis ‘tent cities’ spring up, these shanty-towns reminiscent of 1930s Hoovervilles are springing up coast-to-coast across the USA. Nickelsville is a permanent tent city in Seattle. This tent city is named to protest the Mayor Greg Nickels’s policies around the homeless.
Other new homeless people seek refuge by living in their cars, ‘the car sleepers’ are a direct consequence of America’s housing market. In Ballard an industrial area in North Seattlle business owners say they are being overrrun by homeless people camping in motorhomes. By law, motorhomes and campers are allowed to park for up to 72 hours on certain city streets, but many stay longer.